Monday, January 11, 2010

What has happened to my fingernails?

So it is 9pm and finally I have managed to get my little one to sleep. It has been a long day and I am tempted to join that warm little body in my bed and sleep whilst I can.
But then I think to myself that I should really make an effort to do some of the things that I want to do and never can do during the day, like spend time with my hubby or check my emails or write a post for my blog.
I decide to do this post and I get comfy with my laptop in the warm kitchen (it is snowing outside)….
Even though the dishwasher is doing its thing, I still feel this sense of silence…of space and even though my eyes feel like lead, I am glad I chose to stay up even if only for a short while.
As I am sitting here, I notice the condition of my fingernails and my hands….
My finger nails are broken off at varying lengths and are in desperate need of filing and my hands are dry and are looking their age…I won’t disgust you with the details of my toe nails but lets just say they need some attention.
I know I have the odd stray hair on my chin and the hair on my head (what is left of it) is hanging in despair where once it bounced in all its glory.
The hairs on my legs…hmm, well put it this way, my hubby calls me “his little football player”, need I say more???
I haven’t exercised properly in weeks and there is more chocolate in the fridge than there should be so as a result my waistline has gone on vacation!
Quite a pretty picture I am painting here hey?
Is this the reality of what happens when you have a toddler, travel and turn 41?
Or am I just not getting my act together like I should be?
Oh well, at least I have brushed my teeth tonight and managed to write this post.


  1. hehe, i see it that your body is simply letting nature take over, or you are letting nature take your body over :)

  2. chuckle... too familiar. It's a balance between spending your time doing Meaningful Things and grooming enough to feel healthy and good in your own skin. Hmmm... I tend for the former, especially in Winter when extra hair lies surreptitiously beneath layers.

  3. i don't have any toddlers anymore, and i haven't traveled halfway around the world recently, but very many things on this list are true of me too!! congrats on the little things - clean teeth and a blog post are pretty good, and it's good to hear from you....

  4. Ah, well, we can only do so much, right! I hardly ever shave my legs anymore, and my fingernails have started breaking lately, which they never used to do--I was sort of wondering the same thing about my nails--what's happened with them? I wear less makeup than I used to (I'd wear none if I didn't have such bad skin!). *Sigh* Despite all this, I actually feel like I have it somewhat together (as compared to a year ago!). Okay, so I have a long way to go...

  5. AWW...I have missed you guys! So great to know I am not the only mum walking around with hairy legs hidden under her jeans!!!