Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to maintain a marriage when you have a toddler

I go to bed early...he comes to bed late
so we all sleep in the same bed....(our little one is in the middle)
HE sleeps, while the little one and I go in and out of dreamland.

He wakes early to meditate...I sleep on while I can.

We all eat breakfast together....
He talks to me, our little one talks to me (in her way) always at exactly the same time.
She is louder!

He starts his day, the little one and I do what we do.
We all eat lunch together...
He talks to me, she talks to me.
I forget what he said just seconds after he has said it...

He goes back to his day
the little one and I do what we do.

We all eat dinner together...
he talks to me, she talks to me.
I barely hear him, I barely see him...

He cleans up, I run the bath.
The three of us have a bath together...
We talk... she plays, relaxes, nurses, sings.
I hear him, he hears me.
I see him.
He smiles, I smile.

I love him, he loves me....we love her!


  1. Love this.

    SO know all about those two competing voices, and the little one being the loudest, lol.

    How wonderful to have found the space that works for you guys. You gotta get those spaces and moments wherever they are.

  2. I would love to hear how others get time with their partners..

  3. sounds so very familiar....:)

    we found that z really is one of those children that needs an earlier bedtime. 7pm! and what a difference that change has made in our lives. he's typically in bed with us by 2am, but those hours before we go to bed are wonderful. otherwise, there are infrequent naps, very rare offers from family to "babysit".