Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful anyway Thursdays

My little one is wanting "boobie" so much at the moment...

Yesterday I was where I normally am, on the couch with my boob hanging out with my little one straddled over me, mouth on one boob and her little hand holding the other.

I must have looked so over it as my hubby looked at me with real concern and said "do you feel like a cow?"
Yes I did!

If she is not sucking on my boobs, then she has her hand down my top holding on to one of them.
It is not enough to drink out of just one she has to have both boobs out so she can push them together and joyfully go from one to the other!

If I am not quick enough to pull them out when she requests it, she starts yelling BOOBIE...BOOBIE...BOOBIE
(no matter where we are!)

At night while she sleeps (she sleeps with us) she likes to hold them or even better still, suck them.
I can't move more than a few centimeters away without her stirring and sleepily asking for "BOOBIE"

I am so boobied out that by the time my little one finally goes to sleep in the dark hours, and I get a moment or 2 to myself, if my hubby so much as looks at my "BOOBIES" I run a mile!!!

But then, my little one wakes with a smile....She kisses them, strokes them...she loves them!

So yes, I am Thankfull Anyways that I am able to give my little one such nourishment, such warmth, such joy and such security.
And I am totally thankful and in awe of my 41 year old body that does what it does so well.

Thanks Holistic Mama


  1. funny and lovely at the same time:-)

  2. hehehehe oh I laughed through this one.
    She's a lucky one to have such a generous boobie mama!

  3. You go girl. Man, how do your nipples survive that?? I have to cut my little guy off sometimes because it just doesn't feel good after a while.

    That's so cute that she loves them so much! I was laughing through this, too. I'm so glad I taught mine the word "milk" for nursing. No one bats an eye when he starts calling for milk in public.

  4. Yes, I know where you're coming from. I'm quite lucky that we're going through a phase of only nursing two or three times a day, and two or three times at night. But I have no doubt that half-hourly feeds will be back in vogue at some time in the future!

  5. Our word was "nursies" and I remember feeling at times just wanting my body back for myself; but then feeling so empty inside when my youngest naturally weaned. Funny how that is. Gosh, then remeber a similar feeling when the girls slept with us, sometimes I felt it was just too many in the bed and needed some room to really stretch out; then when they wanted to leave the family bed at 7 & 5 I was so sad. They left our bed to sharing a bed in my youngest's room. They still sleep together and I continue to worry about them through the night without them right beside me; miss the nuzzles and cuddles too. But it is all in the natural process of our family...........

    BTW, hooray for the 41yo body! Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks as always for all your lovely and supportive comments...

    Edenwild, in answer to your question about my nipples...they are now as tough as nails; could probably drive a nail through them and wouldn't feel it (well not quite!)..but I must admit, at times when she rolls them in between her fingers too much it starts to aggravate me after a while.

    Lisa, I just love the way she snuggles her back up to my front so that I "spoon" her...I can't even think about her leaving my bed yet!!