Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meditation and Me

Well I am thrilled to say that I am finally back on track with my meditation practice after what seems like months.
Since my little one was born I have tended to use any small moments that I have to myself to either nap or just zone out in silence, with the urge to meditate all but gone.

I have always been one of those meditators that meditates regularly because I know out of experience that it is so good for me...
I was always a little envious of those meditators like my hubby, who actually love to meditate.

But the other day, when I was pondering on writing a post on meditation, I realised that I have changed...I am now, after 10 solid years of meditation, one of those meditators that loves meditating!

With this new found love, I have miraculously now managed to set up a nightly routine that actually creates a space for me to sit and meditate.

Where up until recently I would be desperate to crawl into bed and be oh so grateful when I finally got there, I am now just as eager to hit the cushion and am just as grateful to be able to close my eyes and clean my mind.

Already I can feel the difference...

This mind of mine which had become dull and tired has sprung back to life, pouring juice into each and every activity I undertake.
...Infusing all my dealings with my little one and my hubby with patience and love,
...Boosting my confidence in dealing with the world I am currently living in,
and restoring the awareness of my mind so that I can live in each moment with the understanding that "all things change".

This knowledge of "change" is so very important as it reminds me that nothing lasts forever....that crying, that nipple twisting, that biting, that mess, that noise, those sleepless nights, that snoring (his), that craving, that desire and yes, even that free space to meditate..... .

Don't get me wrong, I am no saint and probably won't be one during this life time, but I appreciate the tools I have in my life...the ones that get my through each day and meditation is one of them that I have been missing for a while.
But now I have it back and funnily enough (or not) it re-inspires the use of all my other wonderful tools like Macrobiotic cooking, yoga and daily walks.

I feel so very fortunate that I have found "tools" that encourage me to strive towards my fullest potential...
I would love to hear what tools you are using and what happens when you stop using them!


  1. :-) glad to hear...was similar for me too, as you might have read over at my blog...in terms of moving away from my tools out of necessity when the kids were wee, and now getting back into them...recently i am back into the yoga studio, after just trying to do it alone at home for the last few years, and it feels so great to have a teacher and do group practice again...i only make it once a week or so, anything else is still alone at home, but i do love it...

  2. mommymystic-I am almost at the yoga studio...I have the address...just need to get there!

  3. my tool is walking/running. i have to be in motion to get my mind to relax and experience a glimpse of stillness. no treadmills, or gyms. yoga and meditation are finally coming back into my life after a long break, but when it comes down to it i NEED walking most.

    glad you are getting back to a practice you love!

  4. How wonderful! Meditation is so amazing. I wish I were better at it and did it in a regular way. My brain can be pretty busy!

  5. Cypress sun-yes I know what you mean , just last night I had such a strong need to dispense of some energy...really need to move all that felt stagnant!

    Edenwild, my brain is very busy too...but regular meditation is like regular yoga practice, you get better at it the more you do it :)