Sunday, January 17, 2010

That kind of day!

I am having one of those days...

The kind of day that you don't usually talk about with others.
It is this kind of day where you tend not to answer the phone, respond to that email or write that post on your blog.

It is the kind of day when you can't avoid going to the local supermarket because you are in desperate need of something and so you make a mad dash still wearing your stained and discolored tracksuit pants...running straight to the product you are after and racing to the check out before some one you know spots you....

And of course someone you know does!

It is the kind of day where your gorgeous child seems to be crying more than usual, louder and for seemingly no reason!

It is the kind of day where you lose your temper with that gorgeous child, yell...walk away and burst into tears.

It is the kind of day when you feel like packing your bags.

It is the kind of day when you just can't get enough tea...

When you need your partner to be there and when of course he isn't!

And it is the kind of day that goes from bad to worse, with the miserable feelings associated with such a day only leaving when you finally fall asleep in the dark hours of the night.

It is the kind of day that you really need a friend to talk to but like I said, it is the kind of day we don't usually share!


I did manage to drag myself outside...ergo strapped on and all!!
I walked in the snow...magical!
Watched all the children playing on their sleds...laughing, screaming, loving life.
The little one slept...silence.
I breathed deep for the first time today.


  1. mmmm....i hope the sun is now rising on an amazing day for you.

    been there, in those kinds of days, for about a week!

  2. ah, yes. i know those days well myself. it's getting outside though that does the trick so often. just stepping out, breathing in the air and the smells...

  3. Cypress Sun, no sun here for some time I think but I am sure the light within will glow again soon! Thanks for the nice wishes.

    Amanda Rose, thanks for stopping in...I took a peek at your blog; gorgeous!

  4. It always amazes me how much better I feel after dragging myself outside. Freash air and nature are wonderful!

    I hope today is a better day.

  5. Oh I really know what you mean. The kind of day when you just need a rest, but there seem to be even more demands on you than there usually are. I hope today is better!

  6. Well done for getting out! It's hard to drag ourselves out when we're having one of those days but it's often what makes us feel better.

  7. i've found that when i'm having that sort of bummer day, my little guy knows it...and he is cranky too. if we get ourselves out the door, the energy changes...and we both feel more at ease. why, oh why, is that so hard to do sometimes?! better days ahead..

  8. Yes, you can change the energy of the day! Don't know if there is a magic formula for it, but getting out and doing something fun or restful usually does the trick. Glad you were able to turn your day around!

  9. sending you even more hugs, much belated I know (I tend to blog in bursts)...but glad you found some moments where the sun shone through...I moved a lot growing up, and then traveled alot in my twenties, so I know a bit of that feeling you talked about in your last post, the freedom of anonymity but also the disempowerment of feeling unfamiliar (and the DH dynamics sounds even more complicated)...I wish you courage through the transition...

  10. I am now making sure I get out nearly every day, even though it is minus 14 here at the moment!!! Just so important in helping me clear away the cobwebs and take me out of "victim" mode!