Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful anyway Thursdays

I have been away from home for the past week and that in itself has had its challenges.
Coming home, I bought with me the flu and my beautiful bub is coughing too for the first time.
The heat here in beautiful Queensland is over the top whilst I have this fever.
The wet season ants are here even though the water isn't.
The fridge is is the purse
The energy level is soooo low
And my hubby is still working away

But I am thankful anyway as I sit on the floor and watch my eldest daughter of 19 playing so beautifully with my 13 month old.

I am thankful anyway as I lay on the bed and nurse my bub to sleep

AND I am VERY thankful as I pour myself a hot cup of tea, open a bar of Lindt chilli chocolate and sit on the couch

Thankyou universe for the small luxuries in life.


  1. I guess I would be thankful anyway for the flu, as it foces me to slow down.
    I would be thankful anyway for ants because.... hmmm... the wonder of nature? That it meant that I didn't live in a concrete environment? lol
    I would be thankful anyway for an empty fridge (yikes).... erm, 'cause it would make me appreciate every morsel of food when we did have it.

    Tough things to be thankful for!

    YUM, chilli chocolate!

  2. p.s, the link didn't wok that you left on my post, hence why I changed it for you. :)

  3. Yes, definitely tough things to be thankful for!!

    Lovely space you have here!!

  4. Hi Mel, thanks for stopping in to my space...looking forward to sharing some more with you.