Saturday, October 3, 2009

sharing in cyber space

So I enter the world of blogging and I soon realize it is the same as moving into a new city or town. I feel slightly awkward and uncomfortable as I start my search for those women who I will share my stories with and who hopefully will share theirs with me. It takes me right back to those awful days in school when I was forced to eat lunch alone whilst the "cool" girls in their tight skirts with splits up the back sneer at me across the courtyard.
I wonder to myself if what I write will be good enough, interesting enough for the "cool" bloggers out there and when I notice there are next to no comments on my posts I start to convince myself that I am still that young outcast, who sits alone, an outcast, a nobody!
Then, after spending some moments in that weird and somewhat confronting time warp I remember that I am 41 not 14 and I convince myself that I no longer need to be one of the "cool" gang! But still, I am wanting to connect and share...
I read other blogs and feel so inspired; I can see how this world of blogging can really provide the community I have been searching for...
I see it as a beginning for me and the possibilities just blow me away!


  1. I am so glad you stopped by my blog! I totally understand the no comment thing. I felt that way for quite a while. I still don't get a lot of comments, but the few I get are precious to me. Bloggers who leave me regular comments are like friends to me, and I like to connect with them on their blogs, too. Then there are a few blogs I love to read and leave comments like crazy, but only get an occasional one back. But that's okay. We all can offer and take on our own levels. I've decided I could never keep up with return comments if I got like 10 comments per post, anyway. And yes, it is a wonderful community--it's been extremely helpful to me, I don't feel alone like I used to.

    Hope to see you again, and looking forward to the development of your blog!

  2. I think I blogged for MONTHS before I had my first comment.

    Thing about comments is that they can become the goal and there is a loss of inspiration and truth in the actual posts - as well as in yourself.
    Also, it's relatively easy to get a ton of comments, by visiting other blogs and commenting there. But what does that mean?

    I get an average of 10 comments a post (compared to some bloggers getting 20+), but they are usually wonderful comments by wonderful bloggers. They inspire me in turn. Quality over quantity.

    Be yourself, visit those that you feel a kinship with, and the connections form organically.

  3. Hello -- and welcome!

    I was just writing to chime in... I wanted to encourage you to focus on your writing, and to comment on others' when you feel like it. The interwebs will do its job of weaving you in. :)

    It's nice to meet you!


    P.S. I studied anthropology, too. :)

  4. You are off to a beautiful start here...I am sorry for your loss last month, I have experienced that also, and I hope you are finding the space and time you need to grieve and process in your own way...
    I second and third what everyone has said here re: blogging! I also went months without getting any comments, now it varies a lot. I only post once a week or so, so get more comments per post, but that is just the rhythm that feels natural to me. Personally, my biggest lesson was learning to ignore all the professional blogging advice out there, which I think of as the 'cool bloggers' you are talking about. If you want to make blogging your profession perhaps they are relevant, I don't know, but if you are just looking to connect, and learn, and share, then I think just follow your heart to the blogs it leads you to...I have several blogs I just have to read (like Holistic Mama and Mama-Om above) because I resonate with them, and they inspire me to be a better parent, and others that are more like new-idea food for me. This is just the mix that works for me. I think blogging is very personal. It has totally transformed my life in a way I never expected. Good luck with it.

  5. Ah, you, too! I came to your blog through edenwild, talking about the same thing. I'm in my thirties, and I've (mostly) given up on my dream to one day be cool, but it still rears its head.

    One thing I find I do is everything in spurts: a lot of reading and commenting one day, then nothing for a week or more. I must seem totally bizarre, popping up and commenting on ten posts, then dashing away for a month. Oh, well. So maybe you'll get a drove of commenters in force one day when you least expect it. :)