Saturday, November 7, 2009

Having a good belly laugh

I am guessing that some if not all of you have read or at least heard of Clarrisa Pinkola Estes' book titled "women who run with the wolves"....The piece in there where she is talking about that really hearty, deep belly laugh that women do when they are together, has stayed in my mind ever since I read it many years ago.

Do you know that kind of laugh???

The one that bubbles to the surface when you and a friend or friends are just really relaxed, when you have let go of many of the masks we use in our day to day lives and when you are feeling very comfortable and safe with who you are with?

Can you remember the deep and glorious sounds that come with the belly laugh? The ones that come from way down in the belly? The ones where you often find yourself holding onto your belly, as if you are laughing right along with it?

Do you know the feeling of tears streaming down the face....the face aching like it is about to fall off and most of all this really pleasant sensation running through your veins right along with every drop of your blood?

Do you love the feeling of connectedness, of a knowing...a sameness, a feeling of pure joy...a truly delicious and satisfying experience every time?

The belly laugh....I need it in my life every now and you?


  1. Oh yes definitely! I always feel a bit like a good belly laugh clears my system out somehow - sort of like having a good cry but more positive. They are few and far between, I'm afraid, but to be cherished and enjoyed to the full when they do come. :)

    I absolutely love Women Who Run With the Wolves - I read it about 10 years ago, but can still feel it's influence in my life now.

  2. Ah man, I love to laugh. I'm a very serious person on many levels - in my studies, spirituality, mindfulness, blah blah.... but i LOVE laughing. Which is why my favourite stuff to watch on telly are comedy shows.

    As for laughing with friends, especially women friends, *sigh* that's a tough one I've found. Most people are so self-conscious, many are too afraid to let down that mask, or they're too unsure of themselves and will question we're alughing at the same thing or if they're being laughed at... oh so many issues.

    So it's been a LONG time since I've experienced this. Wow, what a gap it is when I think about it. If you're ever in these parts, let's go for loza (local lethal tipple) and belly laughs.

  3. a very nice post. i don't remember laughing as a child, i feel like i learned to laugh as an adult. and it is a wonderful feeling~ and i love clarissa pinkola estes! i'm so glad for you that you've found her~

  4. Mon...This is part of my thesis, this thing about women and getting together and how complicated it seems to have become. Such a huge topic and so very important I think.
    By the way, heading your way soon, just might take you up on that one!

    Mountainmama...I can relate to learning to laugh after childhood, this is so weird, as my little one just laughs so much!

    Debs...Yes I love the book too and always go back to it every once and a while.

  5. Oh, I love that sort of laugh! When your stomach starts aching, and you just feel so, so good. It's usually something totally silly that starts it off, too, so I can never make it happen. But I love it when it surprises me!