Monday, August 23, 2010

So here I am…. after 9 months, 5 countries and too many plane rides to count, I am sitting here, in this little house over looking the Himalayas in Northern India, with a heart full of gratitude and a head full of stories.

My little one is sleeping, the monsoon rain is falling heavily outside as it does every afternoon now and finally, I can once again after what seems like an eternity
return to my blog.

Returning to this space to write after so very long is kind of the same as when I run into an old friend I haven’t seen for ages and I have just so much to share and hear that I just don’t know where to start. I end up either rambling on in what sounds like a jumbled mess, with arms and facial expressions flying around everywhere or at times when it is all just too much to share in a supermarket isle, I simply say “hey yeah, I am fine!” And then of course walk off feeling totally frustrated!

Anybody out there know what I mean?

That age old question of where to begin chants over and over in my mind and the answer I get is always the same… at the beginning… But do you know what, I am not so sure that that is how we women communicate best….

Don’t we kind of get together and ok we might start at one point but don’t we move in circles and waves and spirals rather than straight lines that go from beginning to end?

Don’t we dance to and fro, mixing this with that, relating one to the other?
Sounds like a style of communication that would be tremendously difficult to follow right? My hubby surely thinks so!!

But we do follow don’t we?

We not only follow, we relate to what the other is sharing and somehow even though we may be worlds apart on many levels, we get it… we feel it…we share it.

I am finding that there is something so very special about women getting together.. Yes of course I have felt this on many occasions with familiar friends but now, moving around the globe with my little one, I feel as though I am touching on something even more special.

I am meeting women from different places, with different cultures, stories backgrounds, lifestyles, likes and dislikes and yet we gravitate towards each other with the force of a power unknown.

Even as I endevour to support my very independent almost 2 year old as she navigates the holes in the road, the stinging nettles and the massive amounts of cow dung on the way to the local eating place, a silent knowing look and encouraging smile from the passing woman who is also playing a similar game as me with her toddler, seems to fill a space in me that at times can feel very empty.

I hope you out there can manage to navigate yourself through the above ramblings of my thoughts of words and I hope now that I am BACK, we can continue to share our "ramblings" on a more regular basis!!

For now though, I have come to that place at the supermarkert isle, when I need to go "Ok now it is all to much!" I am going to allow myself to silently stare out the window at the beauty of this place that surrounds me and just do nothing until my little Lotus flower wakes :)


  1. oh how i would love to brew up cups of chai and sit with you and ramble and ramble.
    i have so many questions... hopefully you'll share of the why/when/how/what with us.

  2. Welcome back - missed your posts! Who'd have thought you'd end up in India. As Mon says, hope to hear more about your adventures soon.

    PS. Could I be cheeky and ask you to enable the Name/URL option for commenting. As I don't have an email account linked to my blog, it would be a lot easier :-)

  3. YAY!! I'm glad I saw you at Mon's blog because I might not have known to check your blog otherwise. It's so good to have you back.

    Your post made total sense to me. So many times I've had entire conversations with women and never even gotten to my point due to all the tangents the conversation takes, and despite that, I can leave at the end feeling satisfied simply because we had such a delightful exchange. Though yes, I might be frustrated too if I lost the opportunity to have a conversation with someone just because I didn't know where to start.

    So, good to "hear your voice" and look forward to reading more. Oh, and I have another blog besides my world's call the wooded hill ( It's a place where I can open up a bit more.

  4. Would be great to share a chai with you Mon.... come on over!!

    Mummy Zen happy to enable the URL thingy but as I am totally computer illiterate you will need to tell me how :)

    Nice new blog Lisa... Look forward to reading more!