Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bringing me to my knees

Delhi Belly, it is almost like a tax you have to pay when you visit India... Almost everyone gets it at least once!
It hits you like a high speed rocket right in your solar plexus and brings you to your knees... literally!

Running between the bed and the loo is not much fun and getting so weak so quickly is terrifying!
Losing kilos as quick as a child loses interest in some plastic crappy toy brings both joy and horror all at the same time and the deep sensation of missing home (wherever that may be) is at times overwhelming!

Oh to be somewhere clean!! Somewhere familiar and safe and to be surrounded by all my stuff!!!

So, as awful and painful as it is, it seems that getting a dose of Delhi Belly proves to be a great opportunity for some deep introspection.

I start to really reflect on my "gypsy heart" and my need to move around the globe over and over again.
I start to ask myself what it is that I am REALLY looking for and if I think I will ever find it!

Who am I anyway?
Am I some ordinary house frau that is trying desperately to escape the hum drum life?
Or am I a sexy 40 something year old that loves the change that travel brings and the all the learning that comes with it?

Hmmm you know what, at this very moment in time I can't honestly answer that question!

I guess in the end this is the key right?
Hey wait, I think I have just had an epiphany!!!

Ok, so first I need to discover who I really am and then and only then will I be able to find THE place where I will feel at home. The thing is, does all this moving and traveling and learning and exploring open doorways to my inner side that would otherwise not be revealed?
Or do I need to stay in one spot and explore what surfaces in such a situation??

Ok answers please!!


  1. ugh. been there with montezuma's revenge in mexico twice. it does make you crave creature comforts.

    i think the answer is that you need both...but you'll have to determine how much travellng and staying in one place is right for you. how's that for an answer? :)

  2. I think you probably need both, too. Travelling helps you learn more about yourself, but settling somewhere helps you live it. I believe there is a gift in being around the same faces and the same surroundings for a period of time. It kind of reminds me of the book Eat Pray Love (which I feel I have been talking about way too much lately), but perhaps your travels are like hers...eventually you will have to slow down and put it all together.

    Anyway, good luck figuring it out, and I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Poor you - I've heard of lots of people getting Delhi Belly. Hopefully you are over the worst now.

    I think travel helps give us perspective on life but also settling in a place makes us face challenges and decisions that can be strengthening. Both can bring happiness so it's a matter of getting the balance right for you.

    For the name/url option - go to settings, comments and then select 'anyone' in the 'who can comment' section. :-)

  4. the key is questions, looking for answers by asking questions, over and over. that's how we grow.
    "so first I need to discover who I really am"

    it doesn't matter if you travel for the rest of your life or stay in one place instead. as long as you're reflecting and digging within.

    because wherever you go, YOU are there. ;)